About Us

Our Company was established in 2014 by two
keen kiwi fishermen wanting to add their own touch to the New Zealand recreational fishing scene.

The idea came about during a break of from reeling in snapper in the Gulf, while trying to enjoy some smoko. The million dollar question once again raised its inevitable head, “how do we get rid of this horrible fishy stench from our hands???”. We decided to do something about it and away we went to research and test various ingredients, to come up with a formula that actually worked to allow boaties to enjoy a sammy on the boat, some much deserved snacks while filleting the catch or a cold beverage after cooking the days catch.

Our aim is to add to what already is an incredibly popular New Zealand hobby and provide a cost effective, reusable soap that further maximises a fisherman’s enjoyment of the sport.

“Only real men, use real soap…”